Improve access to affordable/public housing with public transportation and employment access


Urban sprawl has led to the construction of housing facilities that are increasingly distant from services, employment opportunities, and public transportation. Optimization of social and public housing and the provision of new financing schemes are measures to transform the city by reducing marginalization in urban environments.
Current housing programs that have been flagged as priorities are the Multi-Family Housing Program (Programa de Vivienda en Conjunto), the Housing Improvement Program (Programa de Mejoramiento a la Vivienda), and the Emergent Affordable Housing Program (Programa de Vivienda Emergente de Interés Social). The goals of these programs will be to create a more accessible city, develop social and public housing that is connected to the existing transportation network (the STC Metro and Metrobús corridors and around the CETRAMs), and propose a common long- term agenda to promote such housing.

Housing that is connected to the transportation network and the locations of employment contributes to economic and social development and improves accessibility to urban services and infrastructure as well as general mobility within the city.


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