Ensure that workforce development is a part of all resiliency investments


As the City advances its more than $20 billion resiliency capital investment program, residents impacted by Sandy will have opportunities to access employment and the training needed to be eligible for the construction jobs these investments will create. To realize this opportunity, the City will build on the model designed for the Build it Back program that established the Sandy Recovery Workforce1 program, which encourages the hiring of Sandy-impacted residents and provides training vouchers for residents to access pre-apprenticeship programs.

Specifically, the City will ensure all investments that strengthen the city’s resiliency will create job opportunities for residents and low-income applicants. This will require the City, in cooperation with the Law Department and Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS), to adopt standardized language for all procurement documents and contracts for resiliency-related work, and require contractors and consultants to report on efforts and outcomes related to local hiring and training.

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