Strengthen community-based organizations


Social infrastructure plays an important role in making communities ready for the unexpected, and neighborhoods vary in the level of social cohesion and available resources. To address this situation, the City will work to build capacity in communities by strengthening community-based organizations that serve their neighbors and by working to expand civic engagement and volunteerism.

First, the City will seek to develop a comprehensive, interactive web-based platform to map both small and large community organizations and activities, as well as local government services and initiatives, across New York City. The platform will allow for the identification of both gaps and duplication of efforts, as well as opportunities for integrating existing community-based and government initiatives. It will also encourage more effective coordination, collaboration, and decision-making in these efforts, in addition to linking to tools for connecting organizations and aiding in community-based emergency planning between government and communities.

Next, the City will seek to bolster neighborhood resiliency and civic participation by strengthening community-based organizations’ services, information capacity, and ability to conduct community-level emergency and resiliency planning.

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  • Community, social, and economic resiliency for safer neighborhoods

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