Gamification is a the application of game design components in non-game contexts. For this solution gamifcation was identified as a way to engage a younger generation about climate resilience. In games we are forced to understand a specific set of rules that apply to an imagined environment. The issue with climate resilience education is that it is often difficult to visualize how a certain set of actions (aka following or not following rules) can lead to outcomes that either promote or demote resiliency. A game fits in this situation well because it allows users to enter in these hypothetical (but modeled from real life) environments, and in turn gain important intuition.

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  • Fostering Climate Resilience through Mobile Games

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    The Climate Resilience game that this solution is designing has these unique characteristics for its target population of urban youth in Asia:

    • Helps them visualize the complexity of problem solving through self-directed exploration to solve common resilience challenges, survive in different future scenarios or states of climate uncertainty, and require them to make decisions.
    • Provides them with immediate feedback on their in-game choices to promote resilience. Games create a compelling need to learn, assimilate and master certain skills and content areas. Failure can lead to improved solutions. Players can learn new material through a game – allowing them to demonstrate increased understanding, better retention, and higher quality learning outcomes than those who learn the same material through traditional studies.
    • Helps them understand the multi-sectoral challenges policy makers and private sector leaders face.
    • Helps move them to become more active members of society, change personal behaviors, and connect with like-minded individuals intent on advocating for social change and action.
    • Connects with other students and youth from across South and Southeast Asia to identify common solutions and how they can integrate “resilience thinking” into their future career pursuits or professionn


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