Working with Demographics


This solution places an emphasis on playing to the unique qualities of specific demographic groups, providing a solution that is custom fit for it's target audience. In order to do this it first leverages academic research to understand the differentiating qualities of each demographic. For example, in this solution which is aiming to create a mobile game to educate about climate resilience, the solution creators found studies that identified massive rise of cell phone adoption with youth in urban centers.

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  • Fostering Climate Resilience through Mobile Games

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    • From Ambivalence to Activism: Young People's Environmental Views and Actions

      Abstract: It is often assumed that young people have a particular interest in environmental issues. On the other hand, there's also the view that young people are apathetic about such matters. This paper considers what young people really think about the environment by drawing together and reviewing attitudinal polling and other research into young people's views. It seeks to challenge simplistic assumptions, and instead acknowledges the inherently complex nature of young people's attitudes to environmental problems. the paper also highlights some of the many ways in which young people are overcoming an apparent 'disconnect between social concern and personal action' and taking strong environmental action.