Nature meets city for revival


“The old bridge and its surroundings are then brought to life by what Winy Maas of MVRDV calls a “library” of 24,000 plants, all indigenous species arranged according to the Korean alphabet. The types of plant then prompt arrangements and uses: pines suggest a forest, and jasmine “has a very obvious relationship to tea gardens”. Ginkos are “hyper bisexual” and arranged in a way that somehow reflects their orientation. Roses “turn out to be very theatrical”, so a theatre is placed among them. When the plants get too big they can be sold and replaced – and Maas says that in this way the library is also a “nursery”.”
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  • Seoul’s Skygarden: Public space from adapted 1970s highway

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    • Visitors will be able to access the 55 foot high park by stairs at specific points