Impact on car traffic reduction


Vélib' is one of the cornerstones in Parisian Mayor Bertrand Delanoës’ ambitious plan to reduce the city’s car traffic by 40% by the year 2020 without introducing congestion charges (see also London). At his election, he inherited one of the most congested traffic systems in Europe. In addition to Vélib', during Delanoë’s term the city has improved public transport through the two programmes Green Quarters and Civilized Places. The measures include reduced parking facilities, increased number of bus and bike lanes at the expense of private car lanes, and an improved public transport in the suburbs. Le Mobilien, a BRT type network of rapid bus lines with dedicated lanes, has been installed, as has a new network of trams (see also Guangzhou and Perth). Delanoë had come half way by 2011; within a couple of years Parisian car traffic was reduced by 20%. The next project, due to be opened by the end of 2011, is Autolib', a car-pooling programme of some 3,000 electric cars financed in a similar way as Vélib' (see also Oslo).

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