Upgrade public and private city buildings


Many of New York City’s nearly one million buildings are not as prepared as they need to be against evolving risks. To address this, we will adapt vulnerable building stock to withstand the risks of climate change and extreme weather events.

The City will implement the Build it Back program to demonstrate how best to prepare homes and neighborhoods for the future. In addition to elevating houses, the program is exploring other protective strategies to improve single-family homes and upgrade multi-family buildings, including the relocation or hardening of building systems, and flood-proofing of lower levels. The City’s multi-family housing component of Build it Back provides comprehensive resiliency retrofit measures necessary to protect vulnerable residents from the loss of critical building services in the event of a storm, such as raising electrical equipment and other building systems, flood-proofing lower levels of buildings, and ensuring the redundancy of building systems.

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  • Upgrade buildings against changing climate impacts

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